March 19th, 2018. The craziness continues!

What a crazy week it’s been… AGAIN! After getting through the complete back log of ‘stuff’ that had to be done, it was on to all the stuff that was planned for this past week. I’ve been working hard not only on getting things together for Vin’s Surprise Party this Saturday (sssshhhhh…. No one tell Vinny) but I’v also been gearing up for a Spring and Summer full of adventures, shows and events.

First and foremost, this weekend we will be at Hudson Valley Farm and Flea displaying many of our quilts and reading pillows and a few other awesome things I’ve done from around the store. All these items will be on sale and ready to go home with someone! And to make it even more awesome… It’s being held at the Motorcyclopedia Museum up in Newburgh. So if you don’t already have plans… Well, now you do!

While this past weekend was a time for celebrating and parades and the luck ‘o the Irish, we were busy getting our menagerie together here at the house. My new foster puppy is absolutely adorable and I cannot tell you how much fun he’s been to have around! I swear… I’ve never met such a friendly and playful puppy before. If you get the chance, head on up to Tractor Supply in Patterson for one of the many adoption events for Happy Life Animal Rescue. These dogs are something else I tell ya!

And to make life even more interesting around here I also picked up ducks the last time I was at Tractor Supply. Hey, they were on sale for a buck and duck! Why Not?!? This means that as my farm grows I'm gonna have to get back to my farming roots. Not only did my mother grow up on a farm, but as children we had a horse farm. So I’m pretty sure ducks should be pretty simple compared. 

And with all this farm talk, I’m gonna have to get my butt in gear to make the mason jar quilt I’ve always wanted to make. I’ve been talking about this wall hanging for the past 10 years, and I think it’s about time to get it done! Stop on by the store and check out the messes I’ve been making now! I’ve always got something spread out all over the place!

Speaking of things getting strewn all over the store… Our new Wednesday crew has decided on a new name (drum roll please…..) “Don’t Thread On Me”. Don’t Thread on Me meets on a different Wednesday afternoon each month. Keep an eye on our calendar to see when we’re all getting together. What do we do?? Well…. We work on our Block of the Month, we work on fidget quilts and we pretty much work on whatever the heck we want. It up to the group what we want to do and we just kind of go with the flow. Wanna come and hang out? We should be meeting next Wednesday. Check our email next week to be sure.

What else have I been working on?? I’ve been eye balling a couple things. One: Since I gained back so much weight after being sick I’ve been hesitant to make any clothes. I have a whole summer wardrobe that fit me last year and now I can’t get into any of it which is so depressing. But I’m working on getting back in shape so I can start doing some of those awesome patterns that Simplicity has out for the summer. We have so many fun knits I want to work with. I guess I’m off to do another bunch of crunches…

Also I’ve been working with lots and lots of people on reupholstery work and getting their homes spruced up for the Spring and summer. While they're still talking about snow I’m planning on warmer days and bonfires at night and long camping weekends. And it’s been so refreshing helping people choose color palettes for their home that are cheerful and welcoming. Different patterns and lots of textures have been really common. And the popularity of the grey tones mixed with lavender and beiges have really been doing well in the store. I love seeing your homes and hearing your ideas and talking about what you want your space to look like to you. I can’t always sit in the back and work with you when you walk in. But if you’d like to guarantee I can be there with you, just give me a call at the shop and we can set up and appointment and I’ll give you all the info you’ll need to have on hand when you come in. 

Guys, it’s been great. But my hands are tired! :-)