Weekly Shenanigans March 12th, 2018

After this last week, we are sure tired around here. I mean, we’ve been dealing with no power, then we had power but we didn’t have phones, then we got it all back and then we lost it all again a short time later...and this was before all the snow started to fly! We really hope that everyone has fared well throughout all this. Even while we all dealt with loss of power at home, we still tried to remain open so others could come in, get warm and do something they love. But, my goodness…. It was a tough one. 

You may have noticed that we had a Pfaff event listed and that it has since been removed- in light of all that’s been going on we decided to cancel the event. It seemed more important to us to focus on what has been happening right here and now and just try to keep everything afloat and offer a place for our customers to find warmth and comfort. I’m sure that we’ll reschedule the event as soon as we can. I was really looking forward to it, to be honest. 

As the last week has flown past and I haven’t been able to do much in the way of actual work or accomplishing anything I really don’t have much to report… I can tell you that I’m looking forward to finishing up some of the reading pillows I have partially done around the store. Don't forget, all our reading pillows are on sale. You can stop by any time to see what it is that I’ve been working on. I’ve been working on some great pillows for a younger crowd. And I’m loving how they’re turning out!

Our Pictorial Quilt Class with Don was a resounding success!! Everyone who participated had a wonderful time and learned so much with us. We’ve already told Don we’d love to have him teach again. He’s full of knowledge and information and can explain his process in such an easy to understand way. His samples are always so inspiring and we hope he’ll come again.

I do have a reminder for everyone: All of our sewing clubs and quilting clubs have increased in price to $7 as of March 1st. They’ve been the same price for many years now and it was just time to raise the price.