Wrap and Zap Batting

Today I've decided to change it up a bit and do a little information on one of the newer products we have here at the store. Today I want to talk about Wrap and Zap batting. This batting is specifically designed for use in your projects that end up in the microwave. Things like those cute potato wraps or bowl cozies that are so easy and fun to make, especially as the holidays approach. The package comes with a free pattern to make a 'baked potato zapper' and since it is made of 100% cotton there is no more worries it will melt in the microwave!

Of course once you come into the store and buy your Wrap-N-Zap, you're going to need some cool projects to use it on... Here are a few links to get you going-


Baked Potato Zapper  

Microwave Bowl Cozy 

Do a quick search, you'll find all sorts of pot holder styles and projects to choose from!

And if you happen to make something, please post pictures! We love to see what everyone is working on!!

Happy Sewing!!,