Let's Talk About.... Home Decorating

Home decorating can be both fun and stressful... I mean going through all those books and trying to decide the best style of fabrics as well as color can be tricky. But there are plenty of resources available to you to help you choose the look and the colors you want for your home. Here are a few tips to help you when you come into the store to choose that perfect fabric!

1: First of all, at the store we have books and books of fabrics to go through. But no one knows those books quite like we all do. And if you have a paint chip, a pillow, something to go off, it can make all of our lives easier in choosing the right palette for your space.

2: Pictures! Photos of your room, your furniture and everything around your home can help. While the colors may not be perfect (that's where the paint chip or cushion or any other inspiration piece comes into play.), it does help us understand where things will be in relation to one another, what your style is now and what your furniture looks like. 

3: Measurements. Measurements are key in helping figure out yardage requirements for things like cushions and drapes. It also helps give us a sense of scale. If the piece you're looking to make or recover is small, larger scale print fabrics won't work as well- You won't see all of the pattern! If the piece you're looking to work on is larger, sometimes a solid would be better since the object may look too busy with a print on it.  

4: An open mind. Sometimes what you think may look good or if you have an idea for something, it may not work as well as you think it does. We ask that everyone who comes in is open to hearing options. Many people walk in with an idea of one thing and end up with something completely different. Once we start putting fabrics and patterns together many people change their mind because things don't always look the way we think they will. It is amazing how many times people come in looking for one color and then once we start laying things out they go in a completely different direction.

5: Know what you're looking for. I know, it sounds so contradictory to what we just told you, but knowing the kind of look you're going for and knowing the kind of style you're going for and what you actually want to do in the space gives us a start. You may not end up where you started but at least it gives us an opportunity to show you what you want, ask more questions and try to find the palette and pattern that works for you.

6: A budget. Custom can work can get pricey, we all know that. There's very little we can do about the cost of the labor to do the job you want, but we can help keep your job within budget by choosing alternate or less expensive fabrics. But you need to decide whether doing the work is actually worth it or not. For many people when they decide to have a cushion made or to have a piece of furniture reupholstered there has already been a decision made that the piece is worth the time and effort to have it redone. But we will be happy to discuss with you your options and go over pricing for the job and explain to you as much as possible the work involved and how we got to the price we gave you. Each job is unique and there are many, many variables involved including pick up and delivery, the pattern on the fabric and the details involved. 

7: Patience. We are willing to work with you as long as you need, but your patience is also appreciated as we make phone calls to get you the most accurate pricing or as we call fabric companies to make sure the fabric you're looking at is available, in stock and to make sure the pricing we have listed is current. There is nothing worse than doing all the paperwork, finalizing the transaction and sending you on your  merry way only to find out the fabric you fell in love with is no loner available!!

If you're interested in having us do some work for you, the first thing to do is email us a photo of the couch or chair or cushion that you're looking to have done or a photo of the window you're looking to have drapes made for. Include your name, your phone number, and a description of what you're looking to have done. There's even a form to fill out right on our upholstery services page. OR give us a call and make an appointment for during the week. Or just drop in on any Saturday, we'd love to help you find fabric and get you an estimate. Of course if you'd rather tackle the job yourself we can still order you all the fabric and supplies you'll need and be more than happy to guide you and offer you tips and tricks to get the job done. 

Need a little inspiration? Click on the links for the different fabric companies we work with to check out what they offer and get some great ideas on how to spruce up your home! And if you see something you like, just give us a call with the pattern & color information and we'll be happy to order you a memo sample so you can take a piece home and check the colors and textures with what you already own!

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