Costume Crazy!

What happens when you leave Erin unattended for a few minutes with the new Simplicity Halloween Costume Catalog...???? An over the top costume of course!!

Of course it's been a couple of years since I built that amazing gown that is fondly known as that 'Anne Boleyn Gown' with all the hoops and the bum roll and the corset and the underskirt and the dress and on and on and on that costume went. And while I love it and wear it every chance I get, I figured it was about time to make something else. It's been a bit too long since I've really done anything over the top for Halloween. 

It took me a good couple of hours to settle on something. The first pattern I picked was awesome, bot quite my style but awesome none the less. My only major issue with this one is that I could not find that *perfect* shade of blue I needed.

I mean, I'm not a Dr. Who fan (I just couldn't get into it) but sister and my daughter are and I though it would be a fun costume to make. But after mulling it over in my head I decided to march right back to the pattern cabinets and put it back where it rightfully belonged. Where it now sits waiting for the perfect Whovian to come and take it home and give it the proper treatment it deserves.

So then I browsed and I browsed and I browsed the book and I sat there and stared at this one for a bit:

Let's face it... I would look awesome in this one! Or I would just look silly and feel like a total goofball walking around in this costume. Not to mention the thought of all those kids taking one look at me and running screaming into the night was just too much...

But then I seriously took a look at this one, I am a strong independent woman after all...

But to choose between Bat Girl and Super Girl was too much for me. Who could decide? In reality I would have to make them both and just change halfway through the evening!! Not to mention the thought of all that Spandex.... ::shudders::

In the end I settled on this one:

Complicated? Yes. Uses a ton of fabric? Yes. Dramatic? Absolutely. It is everything I was looking for. Of course the view on the right caught my eye and I found the most beautiful, perfect and difficult to deal with taffeta right in the store! As of right now, the skirt is completed (minus a hook and eye I have to hand sew on.) and the jacket is already taking form... Too bad you'll have to come in to check it out and see it for yourself!!


Happy Sewing!!,